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Shelter bags for the homeless


PLEASE DONATE: This project relies on donations / financial support. You can make your contribution at: 

Why Shelterbags?

Increasing numbers of people who are homeless and sleeping rough

Winter is worst time of the year - bedding becomes wet and unusual

Waste of donated resources - blankets, sleeping bags

Growing awareness in community of the homeless and their needs - CEO sleepout / Sunday Mail Annual Blanket Appeal / Red Shield

Need for an immediate solution that offers shelter from the elements when sleeping rough

What are Shelterbags?

A lightweight, waterproof, vented swag

Includes mattress and padded hood

Easy to carry when rolled up (backpack size and weight)

Add sleeping bag or other bedding to suit seasonal conditions

Keeps bedding dry, provides warmth and some dignity

What is the cost?

Currently $93 per bag (includes shipping)

Import them by the container load - 900 bags - through Rotary Club of Terrigal

How are they distributed?

Memorandum of Understanding with Rotary Club of Terrigal in place to supply bags to Rotary Club of Gawler Light for further distribution to other Rotary clubs and organisations as needed.

Rotary Club of Gawler Light and partner clubs to purchase around 300 bags for distribution in District 9510.

For more information on the project please contact

PLEASE DONATE: This project relies on donations / financial support. You can make your contribution at: 

Update - April 2024

Our shipment of shelterbags has arrived to our storage facility in Adelaide. We are busy preparing these for distributing to the various clubs who have ordered bags to help those sleeping rough.

Latest newsletter available to download here: April 2024 Shelterbags News

Gawler Bunyip article "Gawlers Rough Sleepers"

Distribution / Collection Weekend - 27th & 28th April 2024

We were pleased to host a distribution/collection weekend at the Donations in Kind warehouse in Edinburgh. Prior to, and during, this weekend the following clubs collected bags - 

  • RC Mobilong - 20 bags collected

  • RC Modbury/Golden Grove - 30 bags collected

  • Northern Yorke Peninsular - 10 bags collected

  • RC Pt Pirie - 50 bags collected

  • RC Pt Augusta - 10 bags collected

  • RC Strathalbyn - 10 bags collected

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