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Community Service

Our community service committee focuses on the improvement of the local community by providing support to local organisations, clean up and maintenance of properties, roadsides and reserves, and support for annual community events including the Gawler Show, Gawler Swap Meet, Australia Day Community Breakfast, Clean up Australia, Riverbank Christmas Display and the Rotary Village Fair. 

In 2021/22 our Community Service committee is led by Jenny Leadbeater.

Vocational Service

Gawler Light Rotary has a particular focus on awareness and ethical standards in vocations and supporting the development of focations in young people. Our program includes worksite visits and speakers on vocational roles throughout the year.

Within this committee we aim to:

  • Encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions

  • Recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations

  • Organise visit to local worksites by the club as a learning/interest issue for members

  • Support Rotary vocational program such as Group Study Exchange (GSE) including canvassing for potential leaders/team members and hosting visiting teams, Rotary volunteers, recreational and vocational fellowships.

In 2021/22 our Vocational Service director is Deanne Tingey.

International Service

The Rotary Club of Gawler Light prides itself in that it is a long term participant in the Youth Exchange Program, enabling overseas and local students to experience living in another country for l2 months. The International Service Committee also promotes the global projects of The Rotary Foundation in both developed and third world countries. In 2020, we are recipients of a District Grant to assist in a Chicken Outgrower project in Cambodia.

Our International Service committee in 2020/21 is overseen by Ian Curtis. 

Youth Service

At Gawler Light Rotary we focus on the development of youth including academic support as well as community leadership development. Key activities and responsibilities of this committee are:

  • Sponsor and support Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment and Rotary Youth Leadership Award attendees

  • Promote and support literacy

  • Sponsor National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) and the Science Experience

  • Conduct school vocational interview programs

  • Support the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program

  • Support the Youth Exchange program in partnership with the International Committee

  • Through school visits, educate youth on the youth programs of Rotary

  • Sponsor and support Rotaract clubs

The Youth Service Committee is directed by David Weatherley in 2021/22.


Having members who enjoy being involved in club events is a key basis for maintaining members and attracting new members to the club. 

Our Membership Director for 2021/22 is Rob Eley.

Club Administration

This committee is the ‘hub of the wheel’ for the club. Essentially its brief is to ensure that the club functions well, with good governance and has appropriate resources and processes to achieve club objectives. Communication is a key function within the committee and with members, to ensure that the administrative machinery of the club is well oiled.

In 2021/22 the Club Administration Director is David Perry

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