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Khnao Po High School, Cambodia

Solar clean water - April 2024

The solar panels setup at the school are producing around 15 tanks (225-300L) of water per day. To ensure the water is safe to drink, four bio sand filters have been installed which gives an additional level of filtration. The students have organised a rota to collect the water from the tanks and transport it to the water tanks outside each classroom for students to drink throughout the day. 

Having this water at school means they don't have to spend money buying water and also reduces the plastic being consumed by the school on a daily basis. 

Last academic year's Year 12 students completed the entrepreneurship training program and this year, some of the graduates will return to Khnao Po to teach the new Year 12 class to pass on the skills.

Rotary Club of Gawler Light contributions received: AU$1,600

Khnao Po Library

The Rotary Club's donation enabled the purchase of books for the Khnao Po library. The students continue to use the library during their class and after school.

The library is open in the morning and afternoon and there is a schedule for students to clean and make sure it is kept tidy. 

Students enjoy having a quiet, cool place to read and do their homework after school. 

Rotary Club of Capalaba and Rotary Club of Gawler Light contributions received: AU$2,000.

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