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Bricks for Bontihing


The Bontihing village library that serves the four local schools and the community was demolished by fire in 2007. Funds were not available to replace the library or its books including student school books. As a result student education was severely hampered by a shortage of books that had become tattered and torn.


Gawler Light Rotary teamed with the Rotary Club of Bali Sanur to gain Rotary Global and District Grants  to renovate an existing available building to re-establish a library, furnish it with books, desks, chairs and bookshelves and to provide two computers and printers connected to the Internet. The provision of a functional library enabled teachers to more effectively provide education to the students of the village.


The project cost US$45,000 of which US$15,000 came from the Global Grant and US$10,000 from a District Grant.


The remaining US$20,000 was raised by selling virtual 'bricks' valued at $100 each. 


The new library was officially opened in July 2014 by members of Gawler Light Rotary and the Rotary Club of Bali Sanur.

Damaged library
A new library
A new library thanks to Rotary
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